Explore exhilarating and scenic roads in Gallia County!

The Gallia County Convention and Visitors Bureau has partnered with The Serpent’s Bones to bring the roads of southeastern Ohio alive. Discover Gallia and the surrounding areas with the Beard, Coil, Belly, and Claw routes! The Serpent’s Bones scenic routes are perfect for any vehicles with wheels!

The Serpent's Bones are touring routes of SE Ohio designed to share the natural beauty and history of the area while highlighting great motorcycling and driving roads. The Serpent is sacred to the area and her bones are the rock outcroppings that give the area its swaying, twisting hills and valleys. The artwork was created by Vinton Co. artist and outdoorsman, John Timms.

The routes, like the serpent herself, are changeable and still growing (adventure routes coming soon) so visit often!

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The Beard weaves through northern Gallia County up to our neighbors Meigs, Athens, and Vinton Counties. We recommend stopping in the Village of Rio Grande to see Bob Evan Farm and University of Rio Grande Madog Center for Welsh Studies.

Take in the countryside of Gallia County as you go up and down the foothills of Appalachia with Coil! Keep an eye out for Amish buggies along the way. Stop in Rio Grande for gas and a bite to eat.

The Serpent’s Belly takes you along the mighty Ohio River and southern Gallia County. For the best scenic views in the region travel your way up to Mound Hill Cemetery off of State Route 141. Don’t forget to explore historic downtown Gallipolis.

 If you’re looking for a challenge then the Serpent’s Claw is for you! We suggest caution for Motorcyclists and drivers along 775. The Claw is fun but it sure is sharp! We recommend grabbing a bite to eat in Gallipolis AFTER you take on the Claw.

Once you decide on your route, remember to visit the community tab to browse our dining, attractions, shopping, and lodging for your trip! We hope you enjoy your time in Gallia County where it is always Pure Appalachian Adventure!


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